The Green Kitchen, St. Albans.

The Green Kitchen is a high quality Vegan Cafe based St Albans & Hertfordshire. Previously, the owner was mislead by a Web Design & Development firm into thinking that design would be enough to register on search engines.

Our biggest tasks was to convince the owner, by using a series of practical examples, that more than design would be key to growing his business online. It was clear to see from the beginning that the website was badly coded and needed a fresh start. Our first duty was to provide a visible SEO friendly alternative.

Additionally, our list of duties included, the transfer of the domain to a fresh environment and the application of a new CMS. The website needed consistent line of communication. This was mainly, email and forwarding. Finally, a safe and secure environment for the website  to be in. Above all we had to be consistently respectful to The Green Kitchen’s own brand, which is paramount to our ethos. It was clear that the package the owner was after is the Small Business including Search Engine Optimisation.

It took Hertfordshire Web Design 3 weeks (15 working days) to complete this project. As for the SEO, it did not take too long for the search engines to register. The business had to be successfully registered on My Business, Google’s Business platform and registered on Google Maps.

The end result is a business that has their own online presence, update their social media (instagram) and able to post articles on their own website.