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Logo & Branding Design option

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Logo & Branding Design

Add more than words to your Website, Print and Business Cards. A Brand is more then just a Logo, it’s an emotional and visual connection.

from £999/brand

Estimated time from start to finish is 10 working days.

All logos should sit comfortably on Business cards & Letterheads as well as on a Webpage. Many out-of-the-box “logo creation” applications do not respect the conditions and environment you logo will be in. This is the basis of Branding.
This Logo & Branding Design package will provide you:

  • Both a Vertical and Horizontal Logo (if required)
  • High-resolution print-ready format
  • In a variety of suitable colour palettes
  • Matching typography/font (for print & websites)
  • Digital examples of what your Logo will look like on print
  • Digital examples of what your Logo will look like on a website/mobile device

Your new Logo will survive any conditions we set it in, that’s the essence of our branding process.

This is tailored for the individual Start-Up & SME companies that wants to be recognised instantly.

Our process is simple. Once you get in contact with us, we will discuss the best way to create your brand.
We will ask if you would like a new brand or update an existing brand. Ask today!

Here at Hertfordshire Web Design, we are upfront with costs and there are no hidden fees or charges. So, if you have any additional questions contact us directly, the team is happy to help with any questions.

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