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Website SpeedUp

The average loading time for a website is around 2-3 seconds, if your website takes longer, then statistically people loose interest. In addition to this, search engines also rank you lower for slow loading times.

from £499/setup
+ £45/month

Estimated time from start to finish is 10 working days.

Website Speed is an Upgrade that allows you to speedup your website’s load-time. There are a number of reasons why a fast loading website is critical, but the top of the list is your clients. Are they willing to wait more than four seconds for your images, text/copy and code to load?
It’s an Upgrade that includes:

  • Image Optimisation
  • Solid Code Caching infrastructure
  • Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • A Report of Website load-time (Before and After)

We can help you get noticed faster?

This is tailored for the individual Start-Up & SME companies that wants to speed up their website. Some of our clients can not afford to miss out on this Upgrade as traffic to their website is dependent on visitors not having to wait. This has not escaped the attention of many Search Engines, as the have started to penalise website’s Search ranking based on load-time.

Our process is simple. Once you get in contact with us, we will discuss the best way to upgrade your current agreement.
We will ask if you already have an existing agreement with us.

Here at Hertfordshire Web Design, we are upfront with costs and there are no hidden fees or charges. So, if you have any additional questions contact us directly, the team is happy to help with any questions.

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