Lazkitchens is a London based kitchen and bespoke furniture designer. They cater for a vareity of customers ranging from Large Personal project to Complete Home Refits.
A high-end premium designer focusing on an even higher client base.

The Director approached Hertfordshire Web Design specifically for the purpose of upgrading their current website. It was clear from the onset that the previous website design was damaging their reputation.

Hertfordshire Web Design immediately set out to create a dynamic video homepage based on Lazkitchen’s requirements, and collecting and displaying their gallery of amazing works.

Note: The need for a Fast Load time was important as this website is video and image heavy. SEO would require this to placed on a CDN system and the images would need to compressed for this purpose.

Hertfordshire Web Design would like to thank Lazkitchens for their input and dedication to this project. We came a long way with this project and in the end the results were amazing.