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Hertfordshire Web Design's Return to you

Welcome to the first Marketing email, one that will be sent at this time every month.

This will be sent to all trusted clients of Hertfordshire Web Design as part of a promotion.

This particular article is focused on growing the business of Hertfordshire Web Design and at the same time getting a little bit back for you.

How it works.

Recommend a new client and get a finder’s fee with the Referral Programme. Simply Email the contact.

Every time you recommend a new client, you get a little bit back in a form of payment percentage; a percentage of the payment made to Hertfordshire web design from the new client.

As you may know, payments for any new projects are always split into three payments, so, when a new client joins Hertfordshire Web Design the idea is:

  1. the first payment is made before anything starts. Then,
  2. The second payment is made halfway through the project to guarantee that both parties are happy with the process so far and finally,
  3. the last payment is paid on the launch of the website / project.

What we are focusing on is the first payment before anything starts, why?

Well, when you recommend somebody to Hertfordshire Web Design and they make the first payment, that means they have successfully “on boarded” and what we’d like to offer is a percentage of that first payment. This is a “finders fee” of sorts. Meaning that first payment you’ll receive 25% of that initial payment.

If somebody wants to start a project for £3000, their first payment will be £1000 and in return you will receive £250 as a finder fee.

So, depending on the project and depending on whether the new client “on boards” with Hertfordshire Web Design, it means that you will receive a finders fee in return.

How this will be processed is; all you need to do is recommend a new client to Hertfordshire Web Design, will get in contact with them and start the process and see if they are content with everything that we offer and depending on the size of the project, if they decide to start the process work with Hertfordshire Web Design we will in return, will let you know what your percentage will be for finding a new client.


It’s time to grow the network of trusted clients for Hertfordshire Web Design. Your recommendation is important, and we have to work together because we’ve come a long way to build what we have.

Before you email your recommendations

Please be sure to check if the new client is fine for you to recommend Hertfordshire Web Design

Please email your recommendations directly to:

Email Hertfordshire Web Design
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