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There is a reason why professional marketers and developers steer away from using “all-in-one build your own website packages” and it’s primarily to do with “Control”.

In the last 20 years the art of building a website has evolved from handed-coded websites, databases and server-side security to, a 100% all-in-one client-controlled website builder. This evolution is to be expected, but there are substantial draw-backs with consolidating code, design & advanced features.

As a Designer and Developer myself, design and code come as standard. Packages provided by the likes of Wix, Weebly and SpuareSpace have tailored this process for the Client and just the Client alone. This in turn has negated the role of the Web Designer/Developer, but there still exists room for the Client/ Web Designer/Developer relationship, and this is to do with the “end result of the website” itself. What is it that the Client actually needs and where will they go with it?

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