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Antique Endeavours

Antique Endeavours is an Antique Shop and Trade based in Kempton, Hertfordshire. They approached us directly with the idea of building a brand based around their company.

Our biggest task was to create a Logo & Brand Design based around a complex business name. This was a matter of our team getting the best out of the Antique Endeavours’s Managing Director.

Our main focus was providing Antique Endeavours a number of designs to choose from. Mainly, treatment designs and brand guidelines. And finally, agree on the type of materials they require; Business Cards, LetterHeads or Complimentary Slips. We came to an agreement on the final design. We arranged for the Business Cards to be printed and delivered within 3 working days of the final layout.

It took Hertfordshire Web Design 1 week (5 working days) to complete this project.

The end result is a business that has their own Logos on their own Printed Business cards.