Learner Driving Guide

Learner Driving Guide (LDG)- “Online driving lessons – professional multi-camera angle videos with expert commentary. Manual & automatic – full DVSA syllabus. Save time & money on lessons. The Learner Driving Guide was created by an experienced team of DVSA grade A instructors & covers the full DVSA syllabus; broken down, step-by-step, over 42 online lessons – including over 75 videos, where you’re in the driving seat. Our comprehensive, easy to use, online lessons include unique multi-camera angle videos with detailed commentary, diagrams, step-by-step images, tips, hazards & practice points. The Learner Driving Guide will maximise your on the road practice – saving you time & money. Subscribe for as long as you need, to become a confident, safe driver for life.”

For Hertfordshire Web Design, LDG was a passion project. Considering the condition of the website when it was initially handed over; The core functionality, the SEO, and Responsive Design were created with the mindset of a complete amateur. Sadly, this was not down to an individual, more so down to a succession of agencies that provided no disclosure or training the the client. The initial task was to correct the design and interaction, but on further investigation the eCommerce and SEO really needed securing in so many ways. That lead to a complete site audit and rebuild.

LDG now gains traffic organically and well as the added assistance of Advertising. This in-house mentality of understanding and managing your own “back yard” complete changed the monthly budget and prospects of LDG. Well done all involved. We changed things to a higher gear!