LingoBabel Sarl

LingoBabel Sarl“LingoBabel is a brand that aims to break down language barriers and promote clear communication, drawing inspiration from the story of the tower of Babel. The name references the idea that people once spoke a single language but became scattered due to linguistic confusion.”

LingoBabel is an online store based in Switzerland that distributes language translation products for the purposes of communications. They approached Hertfordshire Web Design specifically for the selling their products in the website The website had accommodate for language adaptability for the Swiss market. This would focus on the top three languages English, German and French. Additionally the eCommerce platform needed a payment gateway that is regionally specific and recognised as such. The design of the Website was not just focused on the functionality and layout, but the Corporate Branding needed to be created as well.

This project covered most of Hertfordshire Web Design’s capabilities including multi-language features and regional payment gateways.

From beginning to end, the website took three weeks to build once all the content was made available.

Hertfordshire Web Design would like to thank LingoBabel Sarl for all their feedback as support.