Marcia’s Hair and Cosmetic

Marcia’s Hair and Cosmetic is a Dalston based hairdressing salon and shop focused solely on all things to do with hair and beauty products. As an outlet Marcia’s Salon has to diversify the way it interacts with its client base by offering an e-commerce platform for selling hair and beauty products take clients. This has to be maintained on the new website platform as well as being an informative website for the purposes of maintaining its current client base. Hertfordshire web design was approached in order to create the branding and logo of the Company. The development of the new website as well as an e-commerce platform that is easy to maintain as a form of stock control and distribution. At the heart of this is search engine optimisation and the ability to be found online through a very competitive market. The end result is a simple website that covers all the criteria that is required to maintain a diverse business for selling cosmetics to its client base.