Victorian Tiled Floors

Victorian Tiled Floors. is a professional solely owned business focusing on professional tiled floors. As a growing business, they required us to build a new website.
Our first duty was to provide a guided procedure allowing for a step-by-step solution, so that at every avenue, the owner knew the targets we needed to achieve.

Our biggest task was to securely configure the website build and then the apply a new CMS using WordPress. The Hosting and Domain had to be with Hertfordshire Web Design.

The content and graphics had to be Photoshopped and designed specifically for websites. This meant listening to Victorian Tiled Floors‘ Managing Director and his specific requirements. The follow week, we were asked to configure the SEO for the website to build the ground work for traffic driven campaigns.

Above all we had to be consistently respectful to brand, which is paramount to our ethos.
It took Hertfordshire Web Design 2 weeks (10 working days) to complete this project.